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Shenzhen Zhaocheng Electronics Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Zhaocheng Electronics Co., Ltd is ac led light factory,ac led light manufacturer,ac led light supplier, for 16 years.
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AC LED Lights – Driverless, Dimmable, Flicker-free, Longer Life!
AC COB LED Lights,Driverless, Dimmable, Flicker-free, Longer Life!
  • Shenzhen Furuier Photoelectric Co.,Ltd, established in 2001, is a professional ac led light manufacturer.

  • Yes, free samples are available; you just need to pay the express fee. You can provide your a/c like DHL, or you can call your courier to pick up from our office.

  • 30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before shipment.

  • The delivery date is about 5-15 days after receipt of payment.

  • Our led light MOQ is 100 pcs,MOQ is an acronym which stands for minimum order quantity, and refers to the minimum amount that can be ordered from a supplier. For example, if a supplier advertises a MOQ of 1,000 units, you must be able to purchase at .

  • The basic types of chip LEDs are:SMD,COB,MCOB,MCCOB

  • Do you have LED product use IC instead of driver? It is not driver but it is ic which do driver job.

  • The E27 is the European variant and is rated at 220 Volts. E26 is 26 mm and the E27 is 27 mm diameter. However, an E26 bulb can fit in E27 base and an E27 bulb can fit in E26 base without problem.

  • This is a list of sources of light, including both natural and artificial processes that emit light. The list is limited to sources of light, as opposed to objects such as the Moon that provide light by reflection.

  • Producing more light per watt, CFL flood lights are excellent alternatives to energy-consuming halogen bulbs. Flood lights emit bright, highly concentrated light, making them ideal for use in outdoor landscape or indoor ceiling fixtures for direction

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AVIV ENERGY TECH LTD is the sole agent for furuier
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